Sunday, September 7, 2014

9/7/2014 It’s All About Family

(Standford, KY)

I wanted to get up at the crack of dawn today and get over to the kid’s house.  Today is our last full day with them and I wanted to get as much time as possible with them.  Of all day’s Bob just wasn’t moving.  He couldn’t get out of his own way as far as I was concerned.  Today of all days he wanted a full blown breakfast and to watch the Sunday morning news shows and I’m screaming to myself, Let’s go! MOVE, MOVE, MOVE!

We did get there in due time. 

Jasmine and Evan were playing in the back yard.


She certainly has a grip on the ball!

Part of the plan today was for Brandi and I to spend some one on one time together.  We really like this future daughter-in-law of ours.  She and I have really hit it off and have become good friends already.  I wanted to pick up a few things locally to add to my Christmas stash that I’m leaving here so off we went.  No men, no kids, just her and me.  I thoroughly enjoyed this time.

We picked up take out for dinner and had a nice dinner sitting around the kitchen table.

After dinner it was one on one time with Jasmine.  I knew our day would come to an end soon and I wanted to spend every minute I could with her.

So we made pictures with coins. 

A whale.


A boat.

Do you see Santa?

Now this next one….this was Jas’ idea.  I really should hold a contest to see who can guess what this is.  Oh what the heck, leave a comment telling me what you think this is and we’ll see if anyone can guess.  

Now that I look at it again it may not be so hard but then again I know what its supposed to be.  Give it your best shot!

The time came for us to head on home.  We’ll see everyone again tomorrow but not for all day as work and school will come first.

What a great day this was!

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