Friday, September 5, 2014

9/5/2014 Kentucky,,,,Here We Come!

(Stanford, KY)

On the road a little after nine this morning and our destination is Stanford, KY.  We’re going to be staying near our son, Jonathan and his family.  I am so looking forward to those many hugs from our granddaughter, Jasmine.

We were able to find a “campground” about ten minutes from their home.  We’ll spend the next few days at the Pioneer Playhouse campground.  It’s just 36 spaces with water and electric hookups on the grounds of the summer stock theater.


The Pioneer Playhouse was built by Col. Eben C. Henson who established the outdoor theater in 1950. Well known actors who have been in summer stock productions here include John Travolta, Lee Majors, and Jim Varney.  In 1962, Pioneer Playhouse became the first theater in the nation to be accorded the legal status of State Theater by act of Legislation.

Also on the grounds is a row of storefronts that sell souvenirs and serve as a theater museum.


Since Henson's death in 2004 the theater has been run by Henson's widow, Charlotte. Her daughter Holly served as artistic director until her death in 2012. Robby Henson, her son, directs at least one play at the theater every summer.

Right before his death Henson had plans to get his bad knee fixed so that he could go to New York to recruit more actors. He had heart issues that he didn't tell the doctors about so the anesthesia killed him. His daughter Holly wanted him at her wedding so she got married at his funeral. Eight years later Holly died of Breast cancer.

Holly got married at her dad’s funeral?  I don’t know about you but I find that a tad over the top.

All settled we let Jonathan know that we were in town.  It wasn’t long before he, Brandi and the kids were there.  Once again, so good to see them.

It didn’t take but a few minutes for that little sweetheart of a granddaughter of ours to start giving her extra special hugs.  There is nothing like those little arms around you and hearing that sweet voice tell you that she loves you.  I will never get tired of hearing that and thankfully Jasmine is very generous with her hugs and is very receptive to getting them.  Its going to be hug-fest these next few days!

Plans made for tomorrow, they took their leave and we settled in.

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