Thursday, September 4, 2014

9/4/2014 Our Last Day in Damascus

(Damascus, VA)

This is our last full day in Damascus, VA and if the truth be told, we’re glad!

I had one last gift certificate to use at the local grocery store and we made a trip to Sam’s Club in Bristol to get that battery pack to replace our dead one. 

Bob also bought  two new batteries.  He went to O’Reilly’s to have the batteries and alternator tested and found that we had a weak cell in one of them.  Replace one, replace both.

Remember in the beginning of the season that I posted a picture of a home here in town that didn’t have a lick of paint on it?

The scaffolding was just being put up when I took this.  It was my intention to take pictures at different stages and as it was close to finishing I had even thought about going to the homeowners and talking to them about the project.  Well, that didn’t happen  However, I did get a picture of the nearly finished product.


What a difference a couple of dozen cans of paint make!  It was painted white first and then the colors applied.  As best I could tell, two coats of color.  That’s a lot of paint!

So here ends our summer in Virginia.  It certainly wasn’t all bad, we met some nice people, we saw Tim and Jonathan and their families and of course there was the family reunion.

And I made 16.5 miles out a 17 mile ride down the Creeper Trail.  Of course Bob did the whole thing.

Most important of all we spent time with Cathy.  She was the reason, after all, that we were even here.

The only downfall for me this summer was only one week with my mom.  I’ll be making up for that next year!

So this chapter closes and tomorrow we say So Long Virginia!

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