Friday, September 19, 2014

9/18-9/19/14 Houston….We Have a Problem

(Santa Rosa, NM)

Here we are in Santa Rosa rather than Tucumcari.  We decided to come here because it’s a bigger town and Bob thinks we’ll have a better chance of getting the service we need here.

Bob spent the better part of the day on the Internet trying to get a handle on why this is happening, what could cause it.  He’s got several possibilities to explore further.

I made phone calls as he needed them made to find a service shop where we can get fixed.  The possible service shops are falling by the wayside fast.  They don’t have anyone that works on electric over hydraulic brakes, or they are a small shop and we can’t even fit into their parking lot or they’ll be happy to look at it if we can make an appointment for two weeks out and they don’t guarantee they can fix it.  Uh,,,no thanks.

On Friday we had to make a beer/Pepsi run and to get a few things like bread, bagels and butter in the house.  We went to the grocery store, the only game in town, and were shocked at the prices this grocery store was charging.  I looked at Maxwell House coffee and they wanted $12.99 for the container that I usually buy for $6 to $8.  They wanted $2.69 for a green pepper and they weren’t even big green peppers!  I Needless to say I went over my mental list and cut it down considerably.

When I got to the checkout counter I had to ask the lady how in the world did anyone afford to shop here.  She smiled and agreed with me.  She told me that the women of the town will get together, load a van with coolers and go for an hour and three quarters ride to Albuquerque and go shopping there.  They’ll spend the day and shop Sam’s Club or Costco and the regular grocery stores and also take in Sears, Penny’s, Kohls and Target.  I wouldn’t be happy having to do that.

Once back at the house Bob decided that each wheel needed to be looked at individually.  He jacked up the 5th wheel so that the back wheel on the passenger side could be spun freely.  I sat in the truck and when told to, hit the brakes.  The wheel didn’t stop.  He got it going again and this time when told to I manually applied the brakes by the controller inside the truck.  The wheel didn’t stop.  No brakes.  This is not good.  Since we are traveling on flat land now he didn’t engage the Tow-haul so the truck brakes alone are stopping us.  This is not good.

We continued to check each wheel and we found that some were working with the brake controller when applied manually, but none by foot brake.  This is not good.

Back to the computer for more research and to ask more questions of guys in the forums.  There is a small number of responders to his questions  in the forums that he’ll listen to but those guys really know what they are talking about so they are a good source of information and have helped us with issues in the past by giving Bob food for thought in figuring out how to fix something.  Then of course you have the idiots that have been camping in their first camper or pop-up for 3 months, weekends only,  and know everything!  Bob reads me their answers and we have a good laugh.

The RV park owner has a friend who works on big rigs, the tractor trailer kind of big rig and he put a call in to him to see if he can help us.  The waiting game begins.

Hopefully, we’ll get some good news tomorrow.

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