Tuesday, September 2, 2014

9/2/2014 Moving OFF the Mountain!!!

(Damascus, VA)

Today is the day we have been waiting for for a couple of months now.  We’re leaving Shade City!  We’re leaving Damp Damascus!  Well, actually that last part isn’t totally true.  We’re still going to be in Damascus for the next few days but we’ll be OFF the mountain and that’s good enough for us.

When we went to bed last night we had everything put away except for what we needed this morning.  Since that was done it didn’t take us long at all to do the final things to get us on the road.

Bob cleaned off the roof the other day but needed to do it again because the leaves are coming down fast and furious.

That chore done, we needed to pull the slides in.  This is where the problem started.  Does this give you a clue.


Yep, it wouldn’t start.  We’ve been noticing for the last two weeks or so that every third time or so it was slow to turn over when the key was turned.  Bob was up in the air between a battery problem and an alternator problem.  Since our battery pack had recently died we couldn’t even get it jumped.  Thankfully our next door neighbor was home and he came over and gave us one.  Just as we were doing this our brother-in-law, Sonny, arrived to escort us down the mountain,

Slides in, ready to roll.

We were very happy that Sonny was going to give us an escort down mountain.  In some places there is a rock wall on the right side of the road and in most places it was situated on a curve which means a wide turn for us.  With the normal traffic coming from the other direction, at what seems like the speed of light, we were a bit nervous about crossing that center line.  Sonny came well prepared to help us.


Here we go.



Heading down….

All the way down Sonny was telling us what to look for overhead and when something was coming up in the oncoming lane.  He said over and over again,  ‘the road is clear, do what you need to do” and that meant for us to drive in the oncoming lane if we wanted or needed to.  When a vehicle was coming from the opposite direction he told us what it was in plenty of time for us to get back in our lane if we weren’t already.  Three quarters of the way down the mountain Bob remarked, “This is so easy with Sonny leading the way isn’t it?”  I certainly had to agree.  It was a piece of cake and otherwise would have been nerve-wracking.

We only went as far as the town of Damascus.  We’re in a six site campground right in the center of town.


We’ll be here until Friday morning and in the meantime we’ll enjoy basking in the sunshine!

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