Monday, September 8, 2014

9/8/2014 Our Last Day In Kentucky

(Standford, KY)

Today will be our last day here.  Its time to move on.  This is one place I just hate leaving, I love being around Jonathan and his family.

Jonathan stopped over after he got off work.  He’s a meter reader for the local electric company and he gets done fairly early.  By noon he was at the campground.  Because we have so much stuff in our truck’s back seat, we loaded all the Christmas gifts and 3 bags of laundry into the back of his SUV.

I rode with Jon to his house where I got to the task at hand right away,  three loads of laundry to be done.  Bob arrived shortly after I had the first load in.  He didn’t stay long as we had ordered some parts and filters and had them delivered here.  He headed back over to our place and fixed what he had to and changed out our filters.

Brandi arrived home around 2:30 and the three of us bagged all the gifts up in protective plastic bags.  Up to the attic they went with the kids none of the wiser because they weren’t even home from school yet.

Evan and Jasmine put in a long day when their school bus ride is taken into account.  They are on the bus around 6:30 in the morning and don’t get home until around 4:15.

Jasmine came running in, proud to show off what she had done in kindergarten.  She’s so proud of what she’s accomplishes each day.  Evan, being your typical thirteen year old, replied, “Nothin’ when asked what he learned in school.  I remember those days well.

Bob returned and we visited for awhile.  Jasmine stuck pretty close as she knows we’re leaving.  I got a few more hugs than usual and I cherished everyone of them.

It was time to take our leave and it was so hard to say so long to Brandi.  I truly think the world of this young woman and am so thankful she has come into our lives, especially Jonathan’s.

Evan had long since gone to a friend’s house so we never did get to say “see ya” to him.

Since the truck was still just as filled as it was this morning we loaded the now clean laundry back into Jon’s vehicle and he and Jasmine followed us home.

They stayed for a short while and the time had come.  We both got hugs and kisses from Jasmine and I hated to let go.  I was dreading to hear the final “I love you Grandmom” and it was just as hard for that last hug and “I love you Mom” from Jonathan.  I had tears in my eyes but I blamed it on the onion I had been cutting while Jon and Bob enjoyed a last conversation.

And then they were gone.

The rest of the evening was dinner and putting away everything we had gotten out over the past few days.  Tomorrow we move on to Missouri.

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