Thursday, May 1, 2008

5/1/08 We've Got WHEELS!

When your car or truck is in the shop, do you feel like somebody took your lifeline to the outside world away? Do you feel stranded? Cut off from civilization? Horrible feeling isn't it?

Our truck went into the shop on Tuesday and we just got it back, around five, this afternoon. A long time to be without wheels. We took a big hit in the wallet on this one but it had to be done. It wasn't because routine maintenance wasn't done on our part, things just wear out.

I called the office yesterday morning to let them know that our truck was in the shop and that we needed to stay another night even though we had already stayed our five nights for free. Without so much as a second of hesitation I was told that was fine and to let them know in the morning the status of the truck. We did get a visitor in the afternoon, evidently the word wasn't put out that we were staying another night. Once I explained to her that I had talked to Michelle in the office and that we were stuck, everything was fine.

I called the office today to let them know the truck would be done today but not until late in the day. Again, no problem. They have been really nice to us. The best part, we were never called to do the tour thing.

As far as TV is concerned, I don't like being further west than my friends! Last night I called my Quail Run friend, LaVon, and before we hung up she asked me if I had seen American Idol yet? I explained that no, it wasn't on here yet. She then said, "Oh, well make sure you see it, you won't believe who got kicked off tonight". Oh! Suspense! Then just a few minutes ago my friend Judy, who is in Delaware, called and said, "Have you seen Survivor yet?" I said no, its not on here yet. She replied, "Oh Snookie, you HAVE to watch it tonight, make sure you don't miss it. You won't believe what happens". MORE SUSPENSE!

The wind has been really bad here for the past 48 hours. Our house on wheels shook all night long with the gusts of winds we had. When I stood outside today I really had to "plant" my feet so that the wind didn't knock me down. We'll be glad to get away from this, that's for sure!

So tomorrow we'll pull out of here and head towards Nevada. We'll get to add another state to our map. We're undecided as to where we'll stay when we get there. We know that there is a nice Elks Club in the area with full hookups and there is also a military base. They will both cost the same so we'll have to see where things are actually located once we get there.

The first of May already. Its hard to believe we're into the fifth month of this year so soon. Is your time flying by as fast as ours is?

That's about it for today. I've got to get dinner out of the way before Survivor comes on.

I don't know what our Internet connection is going to be so if I don't post tomorrow check back in a few days. We're going to VEGAS!

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