Tuesday, July 23, 2013

7/17–7/23/2013 Our Week at the Beach

(Rehoboth Beach, DE)

We had so many plans!  Bob was going fishing and golfing, I was going to the beach several times, I was going to hit the boards (boardwalk) in town.  None, none of that happened.  I only saw the beach because we went over a bridge and we were up high enough to see over the dunes.

Why did we spend a week at the beach and not do any of these things?  Because it was STINKIN’ HOT!  And HUMID!  You couldn’t do anything outside.  You could walk out the front door and be soaking wet within minutes and the life was just sucked out of you.  Bob and I have learned that we don’t like humidity anymore!

During the week Bob helped Kenny with a few things here at the mobile home park and at his girlfriend’s house.

We went out to dinner one evening to a Chinese buffet which we all really enjoyed.  We ate so much that we practically had to crawl to the car to go back to the park.

Bob and Kenny did go down to the inlet to see what the fisherman are bringing in but not much was going on in that area.  The water had cooled down and the flounder are just starting to come back.  There is talk of a deep sea fishing trip.

I went down to the Delaware Seashore State Park where we workamped last year to see the friends we made there.  Dawn was working the admission booth and didn’t know I was in the beach area even though I talked to her just a few hours prior.  I pulled into the entrance road and pulled over.  I called her again and asked her if she was busy and had a few minutes to talk.  It was cloudy but I asked her if she had a nice sunset.  She replied, “No, it’s cloudy, not a good one tonight.”  We talked a few more minutes and asked her if they were going to start dredging the Inlet.  She replied, “Yes, they are, in fact they brought in the equipment just today,”  We  talked a few more minutes and I said, “They sure are some big boats for the dredging aren’t they?”  I could see her in the booth and I saw her swing her head around and then I heard, “Is that you stopped there on the entrance road?”  But then I was moving towards her.  That was one hug that felt really good!

Bob has been checking out campgrounds and resorts in this area.  Looking for a permanent summer home.  This is his idea, not mine.  I really don’t want to come back to Delaware every summer.  For several weeks yes, all summer, every summer, not so much.

We had dinner with friends Jim and Arlene.  We met them here last year and then again in Cocoa Beach, Fl and then yet again when we were in the Keys.  This is the couple we were supposed to go to Montana with this summer and then she got so sick and of course I was called home and then we spent 97 days in Lazy Days Tucson.  So we were able to catch up with them once again over dinner at Smitty McGee's in Fenwick Island.  As always, we thoroughly enjoyed our time with them.

My friend Sue treated me to lunch for my birthday, which is coming up, and we had a great gabfest over our salad bar and baked potatoes at Ruby Tuesday.  Again, another great couple of hours spent and we’ll see more of her and her husband Dave when we return to the beach next month.

So we didn’t a do a lot while at the beach, mostly stayed inside the air conditioning where we could breathe.

As I said, we’ll be back down here next month and hopefully it won’t be so humid.

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Dawn said...

That was a good one you pulled on me. That sure was an awesome hug. I sure had missed you.