Wednesday, July 3, 2013

7/2-73/2013 Mexican Train…finally!

These two days consisted of getting our clothes ready to be packed.  Washing, ironing, sorting, setting things out to be packed and changing my mind a dozen times.

Bob is getting our parking situation figured out.  We are leaving the truck here as I mentioned earlier and Bob has been working on getting the boards the tires will rest on in place, taping a large piece of cardboard to the patio so that nothing drips on it.  We don’t have anything dripping from the engine now but you never know.  Better err on the side of caution.

He’s gotten the shed all straightened out and space made for any last minute things.

Wednesday evening I played a game of Mexican Train with friends here in the park.  It was my first game in what seems forever!  I didn’t even come close to winning the game but it was ok because I enjoyed the company so much.

After the game was over I walked outside to head home and right there in front of me was fireworks display that Arizona City was putting on at the golf course.  I had the perfect view and it was a quite a nice display.

4th of July potluck dinner tomorrow.  We’re looking forward to that!


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