Friday, July 5, 2013

7/5/2013 Homeward Bound

(Arizona City – Phoenix, AZ)

5:30a.m.  I was so excited about going home today that I was up at 5:30!  In the morning!  Barely light outside, yet I was anxious to get the day started.

Though I was sorry that Bob’s acid reflux was giving him problems and that he was sleeping in the recliner for relief, it turned out to be a good thing for me.

I threw our suitcases up on the bed I had just made up with fresh sheets and covered with a dustcover.  Within an hour I had us both packed.  I could not fit one single thing more in those carry-on suitcases!  Thank heavens for wheels because there is no way I could lug it through the airports.  I did leave room for the bag that will carry our toiletries when they are ready to be put in.

Bob must have had a miserable night because he didn’t wake up until 8 a.m. which is unusual for him considering what day it is.  When he did get up he said to me, “You better get started packing, we’ve got lots to do today.”  Imagine his surprise when I told him it was already done.

Busy all day long the time was flying by.  So much to do.

We were finally ready to go out the door for the last time.  The park model was readied for the remaining summer months, the truck was taken care of and we were anxious to get on the road.

We met up with our friends Earl and Marilyn at six forty five for the hours drive to Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix.  Our plane didn’t take off until 11:30p.m. but we didn’t want our friends to have to travel the roads so late on account of us.  We figured it was either sit in the Cantina back at Quail Run or sit in the airport.  At least in the airport we could people watch.

We thanked our friends for the ride, bid them farewell, see you in September and all that.  We have three hours to kill.  Dinner was first up since neither one of us had eaten anything today.  We found a little café type place that served your typical airport food.  Outrageously expensive and moderately flavorful.

We got through security with no problems and made ourselves comfortable in the waiting area.  Then IT started.  The cry.  Oh. No.  This baby, not a newborn or even a few months old baby, oh no, this one had a set of lungs like nobody’s business.  Our waiting area and four down in either direction heard this kid screaming.  Oh, its gonna be a long night.  Please God, don’t let my seat be near them.  Pretty please.

I excused myself from my seat in search of a Pepsi and possibly some Dramamine.  On the way to the area with the shops I spotted a ladies room and made a detour.  When I walked into the ladies restroom I wrinkled my nose at the odor I just walked through.  It didn’t last long but it was definitely unpleasant.  While washing my hands a lady exited one of the stalls and walked past me.  My head jerked up because I was hit with that repugnant odor again.  Oh my, that woman had to have been wearing those clothes for a week straight without the benefit of a shower or deodorant. “How can she not know?”  I asked myself.

I found my Pepsi and decided against the Dramamine.  The price on that little box of six motion sickness pills almost made me throw up!  I’ll take my chances.

Back at the waiting area the baby had stopped crying for a short while so everyone was enjoying the quiet.  I was reading my book and my attention was drawn to the fact that people were moving around.  I looked up to find that across the waiting area people were getting up from their seats and then I saw why.  The lady I encountered in the ladies room was on our flight and in the waiting area now.  Oh no.  OH NO!  Dear Lord, remember that earlier request about not putting the crying baby near us on the plane?  I changed my mind!  Give me the baby Lord!  Please, I’ll gladly take the baby!  Oh please Lord, not the woman!  I feel awfully sorry for some people on this plane.  Please don’t let us be some of them!

An announcement was made that the plane was 100% full and they were asking for volunteers to check their baggage.  Bob and I jumped on this.  We don’t like fighting for overhead space or trying to get them back down while people are standing in the aisles.  We didn't have to pay for checked bags so it was fine with us to hand them over.

Boarding time came and it seemed to me that a lot of people seemed to be standing in place, heads bowed as if they were praying.  I knew I was!

We got to our seats only to find out they were changed.  I had picked two aisle seats when I made our reservations.  We both had center seats now.  Talking to my seat mate who was now in MY aisle seat I found that she had to change her flight plans in the last week and that she was also a Delta frequent flyer and belonged to the Delta High Flyer Club or whatever its called.  She was given preference and got the aisle seat.  Oh well, its only four hours until we get off this plane, we can deal with it.

Next stop,,,,Atlanta, GA.


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Anonymous said...

The smelly woman made me wonder if it was umm, JMckwho supposedly wears her clothes days on end! ha!
ann decatur