Thursday, July 11, 2013

7/8–7/11/2013 Good Food, Our Phillies and a Heat Wave

(Wilmington, DE)

This has been a great couple of days here in Delaware.

Granted, its been unbearably humid which we are totally not used to.  All the same now that we can sleep at night we’re dealing with the daytime outside temps.

Bob has cut the grass which is something he hasn’t done in quite awhile.  He has also replaced all the screens in the house with new ones.  He told mom to make a list of things she wants/needs done because he’s there and has the time.

We were talking one morning about TV and shows that we liked and the show Antiques Roadshow came up.  In case you aren’t familiar with this show antique experts/appraisers go to a city and the residents there bring in their treasures to find out if what they have has any worth.  Mom said she had some old books she should get appraised.  Bob and I asked her about them and she said she didn’t even know what they were just that they were old and she’s had them for the last 45 years or so.  They were left in a house that my grandparents bought back in the mid-40’s and the books were old then.  Mom went up in the attic to get the books and we were surprised to say the least to find out they were Bibles from the 1800’s.  Both Bibles contain both the Old and New Testaments.  Each book is about about six inches or so thick and one has a cover that isn’t in the best of shape.  That said the pages themselves are in very good condition, not yellowed or brittle.  I called three different rare book stores and each one I talked to showed a great deal of interest and said that we had something that was indeed worth something.  When we get back from the beach the week after next we are going to take them to the three bookstores and have each one of them give an appraisal.  She’ll take it from there.

Bob has spent time catching up with friends at his VFW lodge and has joined up with his buddies for the annual weeklong fishing trip to Oswego, NY at the end of the month.

I’ve been touching base with lifelong girlfriends for lunches so we’ve got some busy times ahead of us. 

I think mom is enjoying having us home if for no other reason that she’s having things for dinner that she just wouldn’t make for herself.

Speaking of cooking, take it from me, do not try to make a dish that you’ve only made once from memory.  Trust me.  It doesn’t work.  I made this squash dish that I made from the recipe while we were in Arizona and thought I could do it again from memory.  Not. A. Chance.  For you Face Booker’s who have been sharing all the great recipes going around, take heed that even if you share them they don’t stay on your wall.  They disappear after a while.  I learned this when I went to look for the recipe again and it was nowhere to be found.  I couldn’t find anyone online that had it and some who did share it found that it was gone from their walls too.  Save your stuff to a document for safekeeping.

We’ve spending our time watching our beloved Phillies play on TV.  We haven't gotten to see many games so we’re soaking up every one that we can now.
It doesn’t seem this heat wave is going to break anytime soon so we are looking forward to a week at the beach!

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Most facebook recipes are on Pinterest. You might find the one you are looking for there