Sunday, July 28, 2013

7/28/2013 A Family Together Again

(Smyrna, DE)

We spent the day in Smyrna, Delaware today at Tim and Shannon’s home.  Tim is Bob’s son.  Jonathan, Bob’s younger son was also there with his family.  They are in Delaware on vacation.   Jonathan and Brandi live in Kentucky.

Bob and his sons.  (Tim – l   Jon – r)

I looked at the boys today when they were standing out in the yard and my thoughts drifted back to the time when they lived with us for those 7 years when they were young kids. 

Thoughts of shopping for school clothes (and the year Timmy went through three sizes in one year), getting them to try new to them foods,      (wonder if they’ll eat a green bell pepper today?)trips to Great Adventure and the beach, Christmas mornings and the year Jonathan ate ALL the Christmas cookies I made.  Ahhh,, those were the days. 


As I took pictures I went back to the days of picture taking at Sesame Place, Disney World, the first day of school, Jonathan sleeping with his new skateboard, Timmy and his new bike, Jonathan’s first black eye.  Memories came flooding back.  Good memories, happy memories though there were bad times to be sure.

The days of “Mom, he hit me!” and “Make him stop looking at me!” are long gone.  Today I see the men we raised these kids to be.  Men who answer to Daddy now.

Tim and Shannon's lovely daughter, Briana.

Jonathan and Brandi's  little munchkin, Jasmine.


We enjoyed this family time.  It didn’t last nearly long enough and vacations are over much too soon.

We’ll treasure today until we’re all together again.

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