Friday, July 26, 2013

7/26/1953 720, 15, 21,915

(Wilmington, DE)

What do the numbers 720, 15 and 21,915 all have in common?  Why, there all about ME!

Today I am 21,915 days old!  Today I am 720 months old!  I have seen 15 Leap Years!

Today is my birthday and I’m now 60!  How the hell did this sneak up on me so fast?  If you want to see how old you are in days, months or leap years go to

I woke up about seven and mom did shortly after.  She was on the front porch and said, “Oh, there must be someone in the Lilly house having a birthday too Snookie, flowers are getting delivered.  (The Lilly’s haven’t lived in that house in several years but until she know the people in it now a little bit better it shall remain the Lilly house)  Next I heard, “Nope, he’s taking them back.”  Now my curiosity was piqued and I joined her on the enclosed porch.  Sure enough the delivery man from Boyd's Flowers got back into his truck, but didn’t shut the door all the way, and continued on Poplar Avenue three doors up.  He pulled up out front and got a beautiful basket of flowers with a Happy Birthday balloon out of the truck. 

Bob did good!

It was a very good birthday!!  My phone rang all day long, I had tons of FaceBook birthday wishes and the mailman brought a good amount of cards.

Mom, Bob and I went out for dinner to my favorite place for my favorite meal.  Crab Imperial at Michael’s.

If the rest of my 61st year (yes, this is the beginning of my 61st year) goes as well as the first day I’m going to be one lucky gal!

Happy birthday to me!

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