Saturday, July 6, 2013

7/6/2013 Home At Last

(Phoenix, AZ to Atlanta, GA to Philadelphia, PA to Wilmington, DE)

I left this at people standing in the aisle way with heads bowed as if in prayer.  Trust me, ours were too!  We had gotten on before the lady in question and even though our seatmates were in their seats there were still empty ones around us waiting for their occupants to arrive.  Further back in the plane there still lots of seats to be filled in.  Settled into my seat I kept an eye on those walking down the aisle.  I never did see her so I’m assuming she had a seat up closer to the door.  Thank heaven for small favors!

We never heard a peep out of the baby!

I really thought that I would be able to sleep from Phoenix to Atlanta. Not a chance.  Bob was in the aisle across from me and back two rows.  I turned to look at him once and he seemed to be asleep but I’m sure it wasn’t a satisfying deep sleep.

We had smooth flight and arrived in Atlanta on time.  It was three thirty in the morning to us but five thirty local time.  We were afraid that our connecting flight would be located at the other end of this huge airport but that wasn’t the case at all.  In fact, it took us less than five minutes to get to the gate where needed to be.  When we settled into the waiting area I saw several familiar faces from the Phoenix flight.  Everyone seemed to be looking around expectantly, like they were looking for someone in particular.  I knew who they were looking for because I had my eyes roving the area too.  I did see the lady in question as she walked past the waiting area for the plane bound for Philadelphia.  Whew!

I texted my cousin Ronnie who was to pick us up at the airport to leave 20 minutes later than planned since we had checked baggage to retrieve.  He got the message before we boarded and called. We agreed he would wait in the cell phone lot and when we were ready to be picked up we would call.

Our flight took off right on time at 7a.m..  It was smooth sailing all the way to Philadelphia.  We flew high above the clouds and they were so pretty I had to get my camera out of the overhead compartment.

We arrived a few minutes earlier in Philadelphia than scheduled and it only took a few minutes to find the luggage carousel we needed.  I never realized how many people had the same luggage as me!  Bob’s is navy blue and we picked his out as soon as it came around.  Mine is black and looks like 80% of the other bags on the carousel.  Why didn’t I think to put something on  the handle to make it easy to pick it out?  Lesson learned.  We finally figured out which one was mine and we headed to the door.

We kind of knew what to expect when we walked outdoors for the first time.  We expected the humidity to hit us a like a brick wall and it didn’t disappoint.  We walked out to the pickup area to wait for Ronnie.  I had called him and gotten his voice mail.  I texted him next.  Nothing.  My phone then rang and it was Patty, Ronnie’s wife telling us that Ronnie and  their daughter Melissa were broke down on I-95 and that she was walking out the door to come pick us up.

While we were sorting out the luggage mess both Ronnie and Melissa had called but I didn’t hear the phone in my pocketbook with all the noise around the luggage carousel.  Ok, back inside we went because it will surely take Patty about 40 minutes to get to the airport.

She must have the pedal to the metal because 30 minutes later she called to say she was outside the door waiting for us.

We stopped to pick up Melissa and Ronnie was waiting for the tow truck.

It was so good turn onto Poplar Avenue and see my childhood home just up the street.

This is the first time my mom had seen Bob since my dad passed on in March.  She got upset as expected but pulled it together quickly

We pretty much just hung around the house for the rest of the day talking with mom.

We’ll probably be in bed early tonight since we’ve been up since 5:30 yesterday morning.

It’s good to be home again.

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