Thursday, July 25, 2013

7/25/2013 Three Year Old Wears Me Out!

(Wilmington, DE)

Today Talia came to play.  Talia is my great niece.  She’s three.  A three year old bundle of energy.  A three year old that must be entertained and played with.

talia 3 yrs old invite

My mom has her every other Thursday morning.  On the weeks Talia is with her other great grandmother my mom has the little sister Cassidy.  Cassidy is only a year and a half is completely satisfied to be read to or to watch Mickey Mouse.

So as I said, Talia must be entertained and her attention span is short, very short.  We bounce from playing with Beanie Babies to coloring to watching TV and on to her favorite game…..Hide and Seek.   She loves to play this!

Talia’s idea of hiding is sitting under the dining room table, every time.  Oh no, not while Aunt Snookie is in town!  Nana went into the bedroom to count to ten and I hid Talia.  I pulled out the dining room chairs and laid her across them and then pushed them back under the table.  Nana came to find Talia and was quite shocked to not see her under  the table.  I didn’t let on where she was.  Nana walked from room to room looking everywhere and couldn’t find her.  At one point she was standing next to the dining room table and said, “I can’t find her, where can she be?”  My mom then started laughing out loud.  She pointed to the chairs and I walked around the table to see this little hand sticking out from under the tablecloth and waving for all it was worth. 

Nana hid then and the hunt was on.  Now Nana always hides in the same place, behind her open bedroom door.   Talia  wants me to help her find Nana.  I was instructed to walk on my tip-toes.   I didn’t know this was a requirement when playing Hide and Seek but evidently it is because she kept looking to make sure I was on my tip toes.  Nana found, it was time for Talia to hide again.

This time I put her in the box that the new air conditioner came in which was still sitting in the corner.  Once again Nana couldn’t find her and I wasn’t giving any clues.  Due to the short attention span and Nana not finding her quickly enough we heard in this tiny little voice,,,, Naaanaaa, Naaanaaa.  She was found.

Once again Nana stood behind the bedroom door, I walked on tiptoes to help find her and she was found after finally calling out  “Taaalllliiiaaaa”

The final round of Hide and Seek brought this as a hiding place.

Mom nearly fell on the floor laughing when she saw this.

She certainly kept us on our toes,,,,literally.

She’s a sweet little girl but if I had heard the word WHY one more time I would have screamed!

She tired us out with the non stop chatter and the game playing and I for one was glad when Daddy came to get her.   Next week we get little Cassidy.  She isn’t talking much yet and she doesn’t know how to play Hide and Seek!

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