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4/25/2015 On the Road to Parker

(On the road / Parker, AZ)

We were up early this morning.  I think we are both anxious to get on the road.  We’ve spent enough time here in Quail Run this season.  Without going into detail, we are both glad to be away from here for awhile.  It wasn’t the best of years.  One too many drama queens.

So we started out like busy beavers, trip after trip to the 5th wheel with food, last minute items and our computer stuff.  By 8:30 we were ready to hit the road.

And we’re off!


It seemed strange to be following my home down the road.  This is a first for us.


Scenery along the way.




We stopped at a rest stop and Bob said, “You haven’t driven this far in a long time.”  I had to agree.  When we were back on the road I got to thinking just how long it had been.  Now we’re driving just over 300 miles today, the last time I drove this far, by myself, was 1976 when I went to Florida to visit my grandparents.  I was 23 years old.  Sure I had lots of 100 mile trips over the years but none this long with me driving.

We arrived at River Island State Park in Parker with no problems.

It’s a nice little state park situated on the Colorado River.  The homes you see in the picture above….that’s California.

Most of the sites here offer just water and electric for hookups.  We lucked out and got full hookups, water, electric and sewer, because the volunteer camp hosts have left the park and their spot was available.  The rates were extremely reasonable at $18.00 a night.  We’ll be here for at least three nights.

There were very few people here when we arrived and I imagine the ones who are here probably arrived yesterday and will leave tomorrow.


There is a tenting area and there are some young families and a group of 20 something’s who are here with jet ski’s.

This is parked across from us.  When I first saw it my first thought was, “Oh there’s no way!”  But then logic caught up with me and I realized that they whoever is in this camper is doing just that, camping. 

This is our view out of our side windows.  I’ll take it!

After we got set up we took a stroll down to the river, about 250 feet away.


The water was surprisingly warm.


We talked with this fellow a little bit while he fished.  His dog’s name is Lola and for a Labrador Retriever she isn’t much of a water dog he said.  Just as soon as he got those words out of his mouth a piece of cardboard, the size of a dinner plate, floated by and in a flash Lola was in the water, swimming out to it and brought it back and laid it at his feet.  He just looked at us and shook his head.  We all had a good laugh.

This evening we feasted on pancakes and bacon for dinner.  I knew we were having pancakes earlier in the day and when Bob suggested that we have pancakes and bacon it just amazed me that we were so much on the same page.  Of course it probably doesn’t matter that it was 4 p.m., nothing was thawed, we didn’t even have bread let alone lunchmeat for sandwiches and we were both too worn out after these last few days to even think about going out.  Yeah, none of that mattered, we’re definitely just on the same page.

A good thunderstorm rolled through around 7 o’clock and gave us a great light show.  Hmmm, after reading that sentence I took notice that I described the thunderstorm as a good thunderstorm.  I wonder if someone who doesn’t enjoy thunderstorms like I do would have described it as a bad thunderstorm?

I do believe this is going to be a relaxing, pleasant three days.

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