Thursday, April 16, 2015

4/12-4/16/15 Spending Time With Mom

(Wilmington, DE)

We had great intentions of visiting with a bunch of people this week and it just didn’t happen.

Bob went to visit one of his best friends, Bill.  This is the guy he is going on the annual weeklong fishing trip with in July.  I spent several hours with one of my best friends, Cindy, while shopping with my mom.

That was it for seeing people.  We didn’t even get to see our oldest because of his work schedule.  It’s a good thing we’ll be back in July!

I did do quite a bit of shopping!  I just love not paying sales tax and my favorite store, Boscov's had a great selection so I went wild.  Then two days after my shopping spree we got a sales circular and most of what I bought had gone on sale so I took my sales receipt back and got the difference.  I saved $32.00 by doing this.

Spring is having a hard time getting to Delaware.  There are tiny buds on the trees but nothing has started leafing out yet.  Tulips are up and the flowers are there but not opened.  Daffodils are blooming and that makes me a happy camper because that is one of my favorite flowers.

Its been a quiet week for the most part.  We were home more often than not and I cherished every minute I had with my mom.  I think she enjoyed having us too.  She made things for dinner that she normally wouldn’t make just for herself.

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