Saturday, April 11, 2015

4/11/15 Happy 80th Birthday Mom!

(Bear, DE)

We were up pretty early this morning.  I think for me it was the anticipation of just seeing my mom.  It’s been nearly a year.

I called my brother at ten to find out what time he wanted us to come over to help with whatever needed to be done.  They hold so many of the family parties at their house that they have a routine down pat and had everything under control. 


We didn’t have to go over until two.

So we stayed put and played more WII bowling and enjoyed our time with Dian and KK.
We bid our friends so long and made the seven minute drive to my brother’s home.  His son, my nephew Dusty, lent us an extra vehicle they have for our use while we’re here.

Family and friends were to arrive at three and they all did, right on time, all within minutes of each other.

Mom thought that she was being taken out to dinner for her birthday.  My sister-in-law’s mother, Mildred,  lives just a couple of miles from my mom and they are very close friends.  Of course she was invited to go to the birthday dinner.  Mom picked up Mildred and was to meet Billy and Michelle at their home and then drive further to the restaurant together. 

Always a little early, it was a given that if they told mom to be there at four she would arrive at three forty five.  And she did.

When she and Mildred arrived my mom couldn’t help but notice all the cars parked along the roadway.  Luckily, the people who live across the street and down one house were also having a party so the parked cars extended even past their house.  Mom said to Mildred, “I bet Billy & Michelle told those people that their guests could park in their front yard because they are having a party.”  Let me explain this a little bit so that you don’t think this is some redneck neighborhood where people normally park on the front lawns.  There is no street parking here but the driveways are long enough to accommodate six or seven cars, more if they are small cars.  There are no sidewalks as this a development built on a country like road.  When having parties it is not unusual to have cars park on the grass down by the road.

The two great granddaughters were sitting on the front step and were called inside when mom pulled into the driveway.  Mom had seen them and asked Mildred where did the girls go.  Mildred didn’t answer her.  Mom looked at her and said, “Mildred, do you know something I don’t know?”  Her curiosity was piqued.  Mildred just smiled.

Us, waiting in the dining room.


So mom came in….


Right away she saw Michelle’s sisters who were NOT going to dinner with them.

Mom trying very hard not to cry.


Mom seeing who is there.  My brother, Billy and his wife Michelle are in the background.

After a couple of minutes Bob and I came out of the dining room.

She did a double take when she saw me.


And then mom noticed someone else she hadn’t seen yet.

Lots of hugs from in-laws, nieces, nephews, cousins and friends.

Mom and her sister-in-law Joann.

Mom and her nephew Chris.

Scenes from the party.




Lots of conversations going on all over the house, inside and out.  So wonderful for all of us to see so many that we haven’t seen since our dad’s funeral a little over two years ago.

After eating it was time for the cake and gift opening.





Then it was picture taking time.



It was such a great party and I’m so glad that we were able to be here for it.

Just one thing left to say mom….



Anonymous said...

Love this! Glad you were able to be there with your MOM! Enjoy every minute!

LaVon Baker said...

Your mama is so cute!! She looks wonderful and I am so happy that you and Bob were there for her.