Sunday, April 26, 2015

4/26/2015 We Take a Short Hike

(Parker, AZ)

People who know me know I don’t hike.  I don’t climb mountains.  Now that said, Bob came in the 5h wheel late this morning and said to me, “Do you want to hike up that mountain with me?”  I looked at him like he had grown another head.  I replied, “WHAT did you just say?”   He chuckled as realized to whom he said that.  Then he turned serious and said, “Really Snook, we can do it, I’ve already gone up and there’s steps and you can do it.  So I grabbed the camera and off we went.  Well it had gotten considerably warmer in a very short time and we decided we had better put this off until after dinner.

We sat around outside most the afternoon and after dinner, as planned, we took our hike.

See the flag on top of this hill/mountain?


This hill/mountain is in reality way over there!  Good thing or a zoom lens!


The view we had from our perch.  Is this gorgeous or what?



Bob asked if I wanted to climb up higher.  I really didn’t see the need.

I took this close-up of this cactus, well, because I could.

When we got back Bob decided we just couldn’t go a second night without TV so he set our dish up.  I don’t know if Bob has just gotten that good at putting this dish up and pointing it just right or what, because when we tried it the signal came in at 94%.  That is very unusual to get a great setting right from the git-go.

So we settled in for the evening, listening to the TV and the kids playing in the campground and it was all good.

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Where are you? Nothing for all most a month!