Friday, April 3, 2015

4/3/2015 I GOT A NEW CAR!

(Arizona City – Scottsdale, Arizona)

We’ve been looking for a new car for a couple of weeks now.  The Saturn Vue I have now needs an oil change, new tires, (desperately) and it has some mechanical issues that are fixable but pricey.  So we’ve been looking.

Bob is looking harder than I am.  Bob is on the Internet all the time looking to see what the dealerships in the surrounding area have.  He’s been forwarding me pictures and write ups of little two seat-er cars, convertibles.  This doesn’t work for me.  I would never put the top down, my hair would blow all over the place and when I got where I was going, well, it wouldn’t be a pretty sight.  A two seat-er?  Where am I going to put the groceries?  The four full laundry bags?  Those trunks aren't that big.  No, this won’t work at all.

I’ve been looking at cars that range in the 2012 to 2014 range.  I don’t want a teeny-tiny car but I don’t want a full size car either.  I don’t want an SUV, actually I do but I don’t want the price tag that goes with it.

So yesterday Bob tells me about a Saturn Aura he found in Scottsdale at a dealership.  He tells me it’s a 2007.  I don’t want an eight year old car, that’s buying someone else’s problems,,,,just like what we’re getting rid of.  I didn’t give him much a response then he told me this car as really low mileage.  Really  low mileage.  Well alrighty then, now I’m interested.

I called the dealership, asked if it was still there and was assured that it was.  I told the fella we’d be there tomorrow. (today)

So this morning we took off for Scottsdale.  We found the dealership with no problem and noticed that the lot was filled with BMW’s, Porches, Corvettes, a Rolls Royce, several Mini Coopers and a couple of Lincoln’s.  Are we at the right place?  An eight year old Saturn doesn’t seem to fit here.

Sure enough, there it was, sitting there pretty as you please.  Bob and I looked at each other and both said at the same, “It looks brand new!”  I opened the door to sit in it and I swear I got a whiff of that new car smell.  The interior was perfect.  The back seat looked like it never been sat in.  Oh, I’m likin’ this car!

The owner of the dealership came out and introduced himself and we did the same.  He asked if we liked it and both answered with an enthusiastic yes.  He suggested we take it for a nice long test drive and to put her through the paces and we readily agreed. 
Bob took the wheel first.  We drove through downtown Scottsdale, out to the suburbs and on the freeway.  I took my turn behind the wheel and did the same thing.  This car moves!

When we returned we went inside to talk price.  Bob had done his homework and in the end we and the dealership guy were both happy with the deal we made.  While waiting for some paperwork to get done I did ask how he came to have this car on his lot since it wasn’t a high dollar car like the rest.  He explained that it was traded for a high end car that was on his lot.  He further explained that a school teacher who lived a couple blocks from her school owned it and now that she retired she and her husband wanted to travel but wanted something with more room and comfort and they traded it for a Lincoln.  It was garage kept and was probably only rained upon if it rained during school hours.  

So we bought it.
Here she is.




Now this next picture is one that Bob insisted I take.  Even the engine looked brand new.

Remember the low mileage I told you about?  Check this out.

Yes, 18,516 miles after we drove it home from Scottsdale.  When we signed for the car it had 18,431 miles on.  We figured it out….this car had approximately 2300 miles a year put on it.  Approximately 200 a month and 50 miles a week.  Very gently used we thought.

I think we’re going to be very happy with our new to us car.  Now we just have figure out what all the buttons are on the dash board.

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