Friday, April 24, 2015

4/24/2015 Not Enough Hours in the Day!

(Arizona City, AZ)

I will say right here and now that I had a lot more to do today than what I thought.

After our usual morning routine I took off for town and Bob went to get the 5th wheel.  Change of plans needless to say.  We pulled it in beside the park model and plugged it and got the fridge going.

I had to deposit the Bingo money in the bank for safe keeping.  Oh what a mistake this was!  It’s Friday,,,,payday!  The line was nearly out the door, don’t these people have direct deposit???  I spent quadruple the time I thought I’d be in the bank.

I wanted to get my quilt and mattress pad washed before we go.  Since they are king sized they wouldn’t fit in the washing machines and dryers that are in the park’s laundry room.  I needed those       B I G machines.  I went to the Laundromat and there was a line waiting for the big machines.  Not that there were people actually waiting in line but there were laundry baskets lined up holding the places.  This task isn’t going to be competed.

Next stop was to get a fingernail I broke fixed.  I was told that they could fit me in in 20 minutes.  That was really cutting it close because I had a 12 o’clock appointment at the Penney’s salon.  I left.

I got to Penney’s with a half hour to spare so I did some shopping in Michael’s and the shoe store next door.  Oh I could have spent a fortune in the shoe store, but I walked away empty handed.

My appointment at Penney’s was running late.  I did not need this.

Back to the nail salon.  It was like everyone cleared out and I was taken right away.

Errands done, it was almost two by the time I got back to Quail Run.

Now it was time to start packing the 5th wheel.  The original plan was to pack the car,which we’re taking with us, and the truck and then transfer everything to the 5th wheel when stopped for the night.  I like the 5th wheel being right here so much better.

I packed and packed and packed.  I had no idea we had taken so much into the park model.  I got 90% of what was going with us in.  Food had to wait until tomorrow, computers would wait, and anything we were going to need between Friday evening and Saturday morning would have to wait.

Dinner was easy, meatball sandwiches from Subway.

I took a ride around the park to say so long to what few friends are still here and I called it an early night.  As did Bob.

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