Thursday, April 30, 2015

4/30/2015 On the Road to Show Low

(Williams – Show Low, AZ)

We were on the road at 8:30 this morning because we had a stop we wanted to make before we hit the highway.


We’re going to stock up on meat at Sam’s Club.  Our freezer is empty along with the freezer over the refrigerator.  It’s time to go shopping.  Of course we got there earlier than the store opened for the public and we asked the manager if we could start shopping even though it was time for the member’s who have the upgraded membership.  He was reluctant at first which I totally understood so I told him how much money
we were going to be spending.  It swayed him and he let us in.  Just this time.

So we filled one of those big carts that Sam’s Club has with many pounds of meat, laundry detergent, butter, cream cheese, some canned goods and of course the case of beer.  And ice….we have to keep this all cold for the next couple of hours.

Some scenery as we traveled.


We made a pit stop in Holbrook, Arizona.  Now before I tell you what I found so unusual about this town let me lay some groundwork.

If you go to a town or city and see Delaware Avenue, Pennsylvania Avenue, Maryland Avenue, it would be a safe bet that the roads are named after states.  Another example would be if you were in a town or city and saw street names like Elm Street, Maple Avenue, Willow Road, that the streets were named after trees.  Wouldn’t you agree?  One more example just to make sure you’ve got the drift now.  Washington Street, Jefferson Street and Lincoln Boulevard would surely all represent presidents.  With me here?  Imagine my surprise when I saw this street sign.

Bucket of Blood Street????

As the story goes, what was once Perkin’s Cottage Saloon was the setting for a brutal shootout back in the late 1880’s.  Supposedly the floor was covered with “buckets of blood” and the saloon was promptly renamed the Bucket of Blood Saloon.  Sure doesn’t sound like a place I’d want to go on a Saturday night.

We finally made it to Show Low!


We found Juniper Ridge RV Resort with no problem.


We stopped at the Administration Building to sign in and it was then official, we’re home for the next five months.

Here’s an overhead view of the main complex.


Take notice that the pool and buildings are all made in the shape of a cross.  I understand that this was first built as a Baptist retreat.  Evidently the church couldn’t sustain it and sold it to a developer.  The resort was developed.  I don’t know if this started as all RVs and then changed to a majority of park models or if the park models were brought in right from the git-go.  Well, the developer went belly up and the park model owners were allowed to buy their lots from the bank.  Some RV owners bought lots as well and extended the patios, added sheds and landscaping.  The bank still owns some lots and we  understand that they have been reduced in price once again.   Hmmm, could this be our summer home?

We met our next door neighbors, Mike & Alice.  They workamp for the real estate agent handling the lot sales.  They are his onsite reps since he works out of Mesa, several hours away.

Now we just need to get settled in.

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