Thursday, April 23, 2015

4/20-4/23/15 Preparing for Summer

(Arizona City, AZ)

After a day of rest we really needed to get started to pull out of here for the summer.  Saturday is our target day to be on the road.

I have a sixteen pound turkey in the freezer that has to be cooked.  I got it out to thaw on Sunday and checked out what was in the freezer that I could use up this week.  Of course once the turkey is cooked, all sixteen pounds of it, we’re going to be eating turkey a lot! 

Our 5th wheel is still in storage and our plan is to use the cooler with dry ice until we can get someplace where we can plug in and get the fridge cold.  I’ve got a lot of food to use up this week, we have a big cooler, but its not that big!

Bob has been doing stuff around the park model all week.  The window shade screens he put in last year needed new clamps.  The ones that came in the kit were made of plastic.  Well, in the Arizona summer sun plastic just doesn’t stand a chance. 
So he replaced them all with metal ones.

On Wednesday I made the turkey.  Sixteen pounds for two of us.  When I bought this bird the plan was to deep fry it and have a bunch of people over.  Well, for various reasons, that just didn’t happen, so now, here we are!  I made it with all the trimmin’s, just like Thanksgiving.  Cranberry sauce, cole slaw, rutabagas, peas, biscuits, yum, that was one good dinner!  And it was just as good the next night!  My two turkey sandwiches were good too.  We cleaned the bird and the rest went into the freezer.  It took up a lot less room this time.

I did enjoy doing the laundry this week!  There was only one other using the laundry room at the same time.

I had great plans of spending my afternoons at the pool and as it turned out I only got a quick glimpse of the pool.

This week is just going by way too fast.

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