Saturday, April 18, 2015

4/18/2015 What a Trip Home!

(Delaware, Pennsylvania, Arizona)

Our time here in Delaware has come to an end for this trip.  It’s a trip I wouldn’t have missed for anything in the world.  To be there for my mom’s surprise 80th birthday party and to have this week with her, well, I don’t have to put this into words you all know how and what I’m feeling.

So this morning mom and I ran a few more errands.
We like hot cherry peppers and cannot get them in Arizona. 

We also can’t get walnuts in syrup for ice cream.

I bought five jars of peppers and 4 jars of the walnuts at the store the other day and now they needed to be shipped.

I just love the flat rate boxes the post office has now.  This box would have cost me just under $52.00 to ship because it was going across country and it weighed 15 pounds.  There was lots of packing in that box too!  So I got it sent off for a mere $17.90.  Now that’s a deal for me!

While we were on the eight mile round trip we both took notice that seemingly overnight the trees burst forth with their spring time offering of flowers.  When we arrived just 10 days ago the branches held tightly bound buds.




Everywhere we looked, pinks, whites, bright greens.  Spring has sprung here in Delaware.

Before we knew it it was time to head for the airport.

We had a direct flight. Five hours from point A (Philadelphia) to point B (Phoenix). Easy?   Should have been!

We arrive at the airport two hours early as required only to learn our flight is delayed 1 hour 15 minutes due to mechanical problems. Ok, we'll deal with that. Then we're told the problem is bigger than they thought and we'll be getting on a different plane altogether.  Ok, we'll deal with that.
The plane is still flying to Philly but as soon as it gets here they'll get it ready for us and we should be in the air by five is what we’re told. Ok, we'll deal with that.
I was getting concerned about our luggage.  Our suitcases are filled to the max with all the clothes and stuff we brought and then I added a whole bunch of new clothes to both our wardrobes and a 3 piece cookie tray set my mom no longer wanted.  Shhh,,,Bob doesn’t know that’s in the bottom of his suitcase.  You see, we volunteer to check our bags at the boarding area.  Checking bags there is free and I hate the thought of checking a suitcase at $25.00 a piece.  You know, its that Queen of Cheap thing I have goin’ on.  If we can by with carrying our luggage aboard then we do by all means, but never on the return trip.  At least not if there is a Boscov’s nearby.

Due to connecting flights we lost about a third of the passengers as they were re-routed with other flights. I went to the desk and asked if they were going to ask for volunteers to check their bags. Quite frankly, I didn’t they would and I knew our bags would never meet the acceptable dimensions.  She said yes they would probably ask if a few passengers wanted to check their bags since we were going to be picking up some passengers from another flight that was late getting in. I volunteered on the spot.
the plane arrives, they get it ready, we get on, and we sit. And we sit some more. And then a little bit more. the pilot finally comes on and says, "Folks, we've got a problem. The number two engine isn't turning and we're talking with the tower to figure out what we're gonna do. Hang tight I hope to have an answer within 15 minutes." the mechanics did their thing, they run a test start up and we're told, "Folks, this is your captain speaking. We're in communication with the gatekeeper and it has been determined that we will sit here for the allowed 90 minutes while they figure out what we're gonna do." Groans could be heard throughout the plane. At the 90 minute mark we were told that we were going to get off the plane and we'll get on one that is in the air flying in from Orlando. More groans.

Off the plane, back in the terminal, the Orlando plane arrives. You never saw so many mouse ears" coming off a plane! We wait for them to get it ready for us and we board.

Out to the runway,,,,,finally. And we sit. And we sit some more. And then a little bit more. Planes are taking off all around us. Pilot finally comes on and says, "Folks, we've got a problem." Massive groans.
Pilot says he's talking with tower to figure out what we're gonna do. Bob and I swear we'll never fly American again. Pilot comes back and assures us that the FAA says its ok to fly with only one of the two fuel pumps working. Somehow that does not give us warm and fuzzy feelings. We're not given the choice if we wanted to get off the plane. I really think that should have been an option.
We're finally moving to get our place in the take-off runway. A cheer goes up. I'm not cheering until those wheels leave the ground!
The flight itself was without any trouble at all. And....AND....they gave us FREE snacks and drinks to compensate us for our inconvenience.

Sooooo,,,,,,our day which started with us being back in Arizona by 7:30 east coast time (4:30 local time) didn't see us back here in the Grand Canyon state until after one o'clock in the morning the next day and after ten local time.
Needless to say, it was a long day, but we're back in the desert and happy to be here.

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