Thursday, January 17, 2013

1/17/2012 5th Wheel in the Shop

(Seffner, FL)

Up early this morning so that we could get the 5th wheel over to the service center in time to make our 8:20 a.m. appointment.

They certainly are organized here, that’s for sure.  Right at 8:20 a.m. our service writer was at our rig, clipboard in hand.  She got all the info she needed and we headed off for the free breakfast.

Breakfast is served between 8 – 9a.m.  Not a minute later.  We got there at 8:57.  Our choice for breakfast?  Oatmeal in a Styrofoam bowl with a plastic fork/spoon combination.  I wouldn’t eat oatmeal off Wedgewood china let along a Styrofoam bowl.  Bob didn’t want either.  We went to Cracker Barrel which is also on the property.

We then went to K-Mart for a beer/Pepsi run and when we returned we parked in front of the Camping World store, also on the property.

We need a new mat for under the awning and they were having a sale this week so we picked up a new one.  While in there I happened to look down one the aisles and who did I see?  Marvin!  Our friend that we made here in Florida back in 2006.


We knew we were going to see him because we booked a weeks stay in a resort close to where Marv is staying for next week.

He had been to the Tampa RV show and stopped in to check out the sale at Camping World since he was in the neighborhood.  We look forward to hanging out with our buddy!

We sat in the truck for a long while and we read and napped to pass the time away.  Finally at 3:30 we went inside to find out where things stood with our RV.  Did they have parts in stock?  Would it be done today or would be have to bring it back tomorrow?

We were not prepared for the answer.

We were told that not only were the seals, all four of them, bad but that the brake pads, the bushings and rotors were all oil soaked.  No one here had ever seen all four seals go at one time.  That news certainly didn’t give us warm and fuzzy feelings.  So, needless to say it wasn’t done.  They said we could stay in the service bay since our wheels were off and that our money would be refunded for the night’s stay in the campground.

We were concerned about staying in our 5th wheel while it was sitting on just six jacks.  They took our concern seriously and said that they understood completely and would put our wheels backs on since it was an easy fix.

We could still get the Lazy Days WIFI while in the service bay but no TV.  Thankfully we have lots of movies to choose from.

Here’s hoping the warranty approval comes quickly and that parts are in stock!

Let’s go camping in an RV Center Service Bay ….said No One Ever!

Our view from the living room.

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