Thursday, January 3, 2013

1/3/2013 Dinner at Snook’s Bayside

(Key Largo, FL)

After this morning’s fishing trip and an afternoon sitting in the sun, it was time for dinner.  We went to Snook's Bayside Restaurant & Tiki Bar.  This was the place we were supposed to go to on New Year’s Eve but we were wimps and couldn’t hang to bring in the new year properly.


We got there in plenty of time to enjoy the sunset.





It was so nice to sit outside, enjoy the fresh air and just be with great friends of ours.



It came time to decide on dinner.  KK went first and asked for the Surf & Turf,  an 8 oz. filet, a 6 oz. lobster tail with drawn butter and a lump meat crab cake, smashed new red potatoes, and vegetable medley.   Dian ordered the same thing.  I followed with, “Oh that sounds good, I’ll have that too.”  Bob decided that he would make it four.  There was not one regret.

I would have to say this was the best restaurant dinner I have ever had.  Everything was cooked to perfection and the other three would agree with me on that.  This meal was fantastic.

There was a guitarist/singer, Jess Atkins, playing when we arrived and during our before dinner drinks.  He went on break and a magician Michael Trixx, took his place.  We were waiting for our dinner  to arrive during the first part of his act. His props were mostly white birds and fire.  He was really into fire!


Yes, he sprayed the lighter fluid liberally on his arm too.  Then the fool magician set himself on fire.



I am seriously glad I never wanted to be a magician!  Swallowing fire is just not my idea of a good time.


His other props, four, five, possibly six white birds were made to appear and disappear frequently  much to the amazement of the audience, us included.  Now you see ‘em, now you don’t.

It was during the very beginning of eating our meal that he was working with the birds.  I wasn’t leaving my plate to take pictures of disappearing birds.  As many oohs and ahhs that we heard and shared in I wasn’t taking any chances of getting up to snap a few pictures and coming back to find my lobster tail gone and my dinner companions sitting there with Cheshire cat grins.

After we were done eating we watched this one portion of his show with the birds and he had four or five on his arm, I believe, and the next thing you know there gone.  Poof.  Gone!  I snapped this picture and I’m wondering if the birds didn’t find a place in the feather boa he also had in his other hand.

There is an awful lot of white coloring in the pink boa!  If they are, I give him and birds kudos for the tremendous amount of training that must have taken.

After his show he took pictures with anyone in the audience who wanted to.


We took some more pictures around our table.

Bob and Snookie FL

KK giving a status update on Facebook.


Bob and his drinkin’ buddies.



What a great day we had!

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