Thursday, January 31, 2013

1/31/2013 We Hit the Road

(Midway, FL)

A phone call to service writer to find out if the leak was fixed and just not written up was made.  Bob emptied our tank with a bucket in place and everything seemed good and we were keeping our fingers crossed.  Just as we were done packing up and pulling the slides in we got the call that the leak was in fact fixed and that they would send us the paperwork because it had to be written up, entered into the computer and then printed.  Our service writer was very busy with people checking in for their service appointments so we agreed and just told her to mail it to us, we were satisfied just knowing it was fixed.
Its bittersweet leaving today.

We decided to not go to Zephyrhills to spend more time with Marvin.  As much we love that guy we just have to get out of Florida.  We have other friends we wanted to see while we were here too but that just isn’t going to happen.  So Karen, Cyndy & Walt, Bev & Dave, Bonnie & Chris, Susan & Paul, it just wasn’t meant to be.  We have to go, its what’s right for us at this time.

Our destination today was Tallahassee.  We reached that and Bob says he wasn’t tired so we went on to Midway.  We called ahead to see if there were any available sites and there was.  It was pretty much smooth sailing all the way and traffic was light.

We pulled into Big Oaks RV and could see immediately where they got the name.


We were told these oak trees, like the one pictured above were 600 to 700 years old.  “Big” doesn’t even begin to describe .

When I was doing the check in chore the lady behind the desk told me there was a storm coming in but I didn’t think too much of it.  While we were eating dinner the warnings running across the bottom of the screen were constant.

Soon the wind picked up and we started hearing things hitting the roof.  What sounded like big things.

Bob insisted we pack up and get out from under these 600 – 700 year old trees.  Yes, they had weathered a lot of storms but also dropped a few branches and the storm had even arrived yet. 

We quickly packed up and moved to an open area out from under the trees.  We had to sit in the truck for about 45 minutes and once the storm passed through we moved back to our site.

It was quiet the rest of the night.

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