Tuesday, January 22, 2013

1/22/2013 This Is Getting Old Fast!

(Seffner, FL)

We know we aren’t going anywhere anytime soon so there is no need to go to the lounge anymore.  We’re ok to just stay here in the 5th wheel.

Since we are going to be here anyway, Bob and I came up with a list of four little things, no big deal things that can be fixed since we’re here.  For instance, the corner of a seal around one of the slides came loose.  Could Bob fix it?  Sure, he could glue it back in place with Gorilla Glue.  Our kitchen sink faucet is loose.  Could Bob tighten it?  Sure, although there is a problem with this because it gets loose quite often and he has to keep tightening it.  I even forget what the other two things are but we came up with four as I said.  Its under warranty, we might as well have them fix these things when we’re in the bay again.  So this hunt for things filled a whole hour or so.  We’re getting bored.  Fast.

You are probably wondering why we aren’t out and about doing things.  I’ll show you why.


That’s us on the left, the one with large D on the front.  You can see how close our slide out is to the 5th wheel on the right.

Here is a picture of how close we are on the other side.  That’s our slide on the right side of the picture and that small window is on the 5th wheel to the left of us.  Not much room I can assure you.


Because these rigs are also here for repairs they can be pulled out at any time.  If the parts arrive that they are waiting on the 5th wheels can be taken to the bay and brought back in the afternoon.  Therein lies the problem.  Bob just doesn’t have warm and fuzzy feelings about these rigs being backed in so close to ours.  Not that we’ve seen any scratches or anything,,,,we have seen some very close calls here in the parking lot.  These rigs don’t belong to the lot jockeys who tow them around the complex.  These guys are here for a paycheck and a paycheck only.  Again, we haven’t seen any scratches as yet but some calls that were way too close for Bob’s comfort level.  Therefore we hang around.  I understand, but I’m tired of it too.  As is Bob.

Day six ….under our belts.

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Anonymous said...

I'm the first to admit I need a life (as often posted on mwop lol)but I can't begin to say how happy it makes me to see new posts put up by you! I check often and always smile when a new one (or several) show up!
Thanks for making me happy lol.
sorry you guys are stuck in the lot but it appears ya'll are making it work.
ann decatur