Thursday, January 3, 2013

1/3/2013 Head Boat Fishing

(Key Largo, FL)

This day’s activities will surely span at least two posts and maybe three before its all said and done.

This morning Bob, Dian and KK went fishing on a head boat.  They wanted to get out into the open water and get some serious fishing in.  I would have loved to go because they have mates who bait your hook and take your fish off.  That’s my kind of fishing!  But, I get seasick so I just dropped them off and headed to the library to work on editing pictures and and uploading pictures for a photo book.

I didn’t hang around to see them off but was there in plenty of time to see them come in.  Usually these boats hold 50 fishing people and of course they are shoulder to shoulder with very little room.  Today the boat they were on had between 20 and 25.  Everyone had plenty of room, the mates had time to actually interact with those on board and they hit the sweet spots!  Everybody caught fish.


I know one debarks from a cruise ship but does one debark from a head boat or just get off?

Happy fisher-people.


I forget what the fish were called but they brought a bag of them home with them.


Bob had them cleaned and fileted right then and there at the dock.


Of course the mates were extremely fast in cleaning the fish and the pelicans figured out in no time flat that it was feeding time.  They flew in from all directions.




The pelicans sat and waited for the fish remains to be thrown their way.


When the remains were tossed?  it was beaks,  wings and webbed feet everywhere!


It was something to see two pelicans snag the same fish.  They fought for the fish and fought hard!  A tug of war, back and forth.



Some just got their fish remains and swam away to eat in peace.


The fishing trip lasted from nine to one and cost each of them $40.00 each.  They fished the coral reef and enjoyed the views immensely.  The weather couldn’t have been more perfect since the temperature had reached the high seventies by mid morning and eighty by noon.  They would all agree it was forty dollars well spent.

We spent the afternoon back at the house sitting around outside (there was a breeze, no bugs!) talking about the fish that got away.  No, I’m kidding, there were no fish stories.
We went to dinner this evening but there are so many pictures I have to put it in another post.

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