Sunday, January 20, 2013

1/20/2013 A Day Visit with Marvin

(Seffner, FL)

Today we spent the day with our buddy Marvin.  He’s staying 26 miles north of here in Zephyrhills.  The man hasn’t aged a day since we first met him 7 years ago.
He showed us all around his new motorhome.  Yes, at nearly 88 years old Marv is still buying toys, motorhomes included.

We spent the afternoon talking and laughing and decided it was time to go out for a ride and end the afternoon having dinner.

Since our plans were to move closer to Marvin when we were done at the service center we took a ride to the place we picked to check it out.  It seems a like a good place to park the rig for a week or so but we’re not too sure this is even going to happen now.  I guess it will depend on long we end up spending getting this axle work done.  I, for one, am ready to beat feet to Arizona.

We ended up in a mom & pop place known for its BBQ sandwiches.  Of course none of us had a BBQ sandwich but it seems no matter what the cook made it was good.  All three of us told the waitress to give the cook a thumbs up.

We visited a little while longer with Marv before heading home, making plans to see each other again soon.

Four days and counting at the service center.

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