Sunday, January 27, 2013

1/27/2013 A Visit With Our First Florida Friends

(Port Richey, FL)

Today we drove about an hour north to Port Richey.  Three couples, that we first met back in the 06/07 season that we spent in Florida, still winter here every year.  They are all in the same park and we went for a visit.  Marvin was supposed to meet with us also but he was feeling under the weather and thought it best that he stay home.

So we met up with Dale and Karen, Gary and Louise and Bill and Ann.  Actually, I saw Bill briefly as he too wasn’t quite up to par.

It was funny when we entered this RV park.  Ann lives three doors in and when we barely got through the gate out she came.  I saw “the beast” and knew it was you!  So good to see her once again.

She took us to Dale and Karen’s and went off to let Gary and Louise know that we were there and to come over too. 

It was like old home week.  We had enjoyed so many good times with these friends and it was wonderful to be with them again.

We had a beautiful day to sit outside in the sunshine, or the shade, and just catch up.
Around three the food that Karen and Louise prepared was brought out.  Louise makes sloppy joes that are to die for!  Bob is ok with sloppy joes, not really his favorite but I heard him mention twice how much he liked them and then again on the way home.  I should have asked for her recipe because I like hers even more than my own.  We also had baked beans, a veggie salad and a fruit salad plus the the sides like chips and peanuts.  For dessert Louise brought strawberries that were so incredibly sweet.  Florida is known for their strawberries and they are in season right now.  I’m going to be getting some when I go to the store again!

Ann is a wood carver.  She showed us these walking sticks carved and we were just amazed.  The detail was so intricate.  Why oh why didn’t I take pictures?  I took my camera, it was in the truck.  I never snapped a picture until I was in the truck and we were leaving.  I took a picture of Dale and it didn’t turn out.  I am so kicking myself for not taking pictures.

Ann had on a bracelet that she made and that I admired.  This lady is so sweet that she went home got three others that she made and gave me my pick.  Thank YOU Ann!
Around 4:30 the noseeums made an appearance and we moved indoors.

We are so glad we had the chance to catch up with these friends.  If we’re still around, Oh please NO!, we’ll go back to see them again next Sunday.

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