Tuesday, January 29, 2013

1/29/2013 Can Our Days Can Get Any Longer?

(Seffner, FL)

After getting done what I had to around the house this morning, Bob took me over to the lounge and then went back to wait for our service guy to arrive.  He had things to talk over with him after all.  Such as that new leak we found last night.
I touched base with our service writer to let her know about the leak and to let her know the service tech was aware.

I took two of the prettiest pork chops you’ve ever seen out of the freezer this morning for dinner.  Nice, thick pork chops.  I thought about them all day.

Bob and I hung around the lounge and sat in the truck and talked to the people coming and going all day long.  Our service tech wasn’t sure if we would be in the service bay or not for the night.  It would all depend on what he got done and at what time.  Because of this Bob didn’t want to leave the area.  It is just better if you are around when it comes time for them to move your home on wheels from Point A to Point B.  They let it down a little bit easier if you are standing right there.  Otherwise, they just drop them.  Literally.  We saw it time and time again.

We had another night in the service bay.  I couldn’t wait to get in there because I was going to cook those pork chops.  I was so looking forward to them.

I mentioned that I had a class on the microwave/convection oven and that I had learned how to use some more of the features.  I actually like cooking with it now.  I did one of those marinated pork loins last week in twenty two minutes and it was cooked to perfection!  So I seasoned these pork chops and got them settled into the glass pan while the oven preheated.  Normally, Bob would have cooked these thick chops on the grill but there is no way we’re digging that out now while we are in a service center.  I had the rest of my meal planned and popped the pork chops in when the bell went off.  I did the conversion for time and set that.  Oh my mouth was watering at the mere thought of tonight’s dinner and Bob mentioned more than once how hungry he was.   I had the side dishes made and the salad made and the bell went off for the oven and when I opened the door the smell of those pork chops, well, quite frankly, nearly gagged me.  Burnt to a crisp pork can do that to you, ya know?  What the heck?  These chops were now less than one half of their original size and so hard I wouldn’t give them to a dog as a chew bone for fear of breaking its teeth!  What did I do wrong?  I went back to my conversion chart on the computer to find out what I did wrong.  As a default there is 30 minutes on the timer section.  I put in 1 hour as the original cooking time and never deleted the 30 minutes.  Oops, my bad.  This is something I’m really going to have to pay attention to because my oven is cooking in convection and microwave at the same time now when I use these new to me features.  Of all things to cook when I make the first screw-up.   Darn I wanted those pork chops!  Well, we had pork stuffing, beets and salad for dinner.  It just wasn’t the same.

Hopefully, tomorrow they will finish up and we’ll get to leave here.

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