Wednesday, January 23, 2013

1/23/2013 We Need Time…..

(Seffner, FL)

……away from each other!

One of the downsides of being stuck in a service center parking lot is that there isn’t much to do.  You can only watch so much TV, read so much, play games on the computer so much, eat so much, well, you get the picture.  After awhile, boredom sets in.  Short tempers just seem to go with the territory.  We’re at that point.  We’ve had enough.
I had to get away for awhile.  No better reason to get in the truck and go than when you have several bags full of laundry to be done.  I knew  this task would give us each a few needed hours away from each other.

Two miles down the road I found a Laundromat and set to task.  Now I have clothes that don’t ever go in the dryer, some mine, some Bob’s.  Since we’re living in a parking lot and don’t really have the capability of putting the awning out to utilize the handy laundry dryer thing-y we have and I didn’t really want hangars and hangars of clothes hanging all around inside I did the next best thing.

First, I got my gal pal, Val (say that real fast 7 times) on the phone for a nice long talk.  The I made use of two Walmart shopping carts.


Sometimes a girl  has just gotta do what a girls gotta do!


Val and I had a nice talk for about about thirty  minutes and every ten or so I turned the clothes over.  Did it feel strange to dry my clothes like that?  Well, yeah, kinda, sorta but because it was such a nice, warm, sunny day they were dry by the time we hung up, except for waistbands and collars.  Hey, it worked for me!

Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.

Seven days down.

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Valerie Roux(alias gal pal) said...

LOL.... I thought you were on the edge of the parking lot not smack in the middle! great pix that needs to go with the WalMart emails that go around