Saturday, January 12, 2008

1/10/08 They're here! They're here!

Another pretty day here in Arizona City. Blue skies, sunshine and warmer temps. Can it get any better than this? You bet, by about 10-15 degrees!

Dale and Karen have arrived! They came to our park this afternoon and after visiting here for a while we went to dinner with them to a local diner just up the street. It is so wonderful to see these folks. During dinner we made plans for the next few days to go exploring the area.

They had looked into staying at our park but then remembered they had a special offer they could take advantage of. They are getting 4 nights free stay at a RV resort in Casa Grande and in return they have to listen to a 90 minute spiel about the advantages of buying into this companies RV park network. They've been practicing saying no.....LOL They scheduled this tour/sales pitch for tomorrow morning which works out good for us since we have our mini golf game to play.

After dropping us off I made my way to the Carnaval Room to see if I could match my last week's winnings of $50.00 in bingo but that was not to be the case.

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