Wednesday, January 2, 2008

1/2/08 ....and they keep rolling in.

The park is filling up fast. So many new winter residents have arrived in the past few days. We used to be able to look across the park with no obstructions, that isn't the case anymore. On our street alone, when we first got here there were only four rigs in place, we now number nine. Something tells me its going to be that much more difficult to get laundry time now with all these extra people.

Yesterday Bob and I vegged, plain and simple. I don't think Bob set foot outside all day. I did venture out a couple of times but just to our yard. I sure didn't stay out long as it was very windy here yesterday. Not cold, just chilly but with the wind it didn't make it pleasant to be outside. We are so ready for the desert spring!

We were woken up out of a sound sleep at 6:45 this morning by the phone ringing. It was our Emergency Road Service letting us know that the tow truck would be here between 8 and 9. That was good, we had an hour to wake up, get dressed and take a few last minute things out of the truck and to make sure all of the tool bins were locked. We had no such luck. Fifteen minutes later the tow truck driver called us and said he was at the park entrance and needed directions to our rig. Those given we slipped into high gear getting dressed and attending to the chores we needed to get done before the truck rode down the street on the back of the flatbed truck.

Within minutes the tow truck driver found us. It was still dark outside and after our "Good mornings" he set to his task. Bob started the truck and got it lined up behind the flatbed ramps ready for it to be pulled up and chained into place.

We felt bad for our neighbors because the tow truck driver never turned his truck off the whole time he was here. We were sure they were going to mad at us.

Our truck starts getting pulled up onto the truck. Take note that the sky is getting lighter.

Watching this operation I'm sure it was on both of our minds how long it was going to take to get our wheels back and more importantly how much was it going to cost. Even further up on the truck now.

It isn't bad being outside at all, it must be in the low 50's. We're supposed to be up the high 60's, low 70's today and we sure are looking forward to that! The truck is loaded now and getting chained in place. We wish the guy would move a little faster because it seems like his truck is getting louder and we hate to disturb our neighbors.

Finally all the chains were in place and it was ready to go. I just stood there and watched it go.

Our neighbors were just fantastic today! We've had no less than ten offers of the use of vehicles. Four neighbors knocked on the door today to see if we needed anything from the store. Also, two offers of taking me to the store. This afternoon I did go to Walmart with Lee and Pam. I needed to get some things in and to replace our space heater that died.

The Ford dealership called late this afternoon and truck will be ready for pickup tomorrow. It seems the Under Valve Cover Unit Wiring Harness has cracked and is giving our 8th injector problems. They have the parts in stock and the cost isn't nearly as bad as we feared. It will cost us $490.00 to get it repaired and while its there we're having a recall issue taken care of and an oil change too. Sure its five hundred big ones I'd rather not spend on this but looking back this truck hasn't cost us a dime other than regular maintenance and tires. Of course that doesn't include the extras we've added such as gauges, Rhino liner, a 5th wheel tailgate but those things were our choice. So we're glad its not as bad as it could have been.

Evening time brought TV and some puzzle time for me.

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LaVon Baker said...

I understand how you feel aboout the noisy truck but really, we barely heard it and I personally went right back to sleep before he even left. And he was right by our bedroom window, so it wasn't as loud as you feared. Happy to see you have it back now and you still have both your arm and leg. lol