Thursday, January 24, 2008

1/20/08 Boy, Are We Tired!

Wow, what a long day yesterday! I was determined to sleep in but by eight I was up but certainly not bright eyed and bushy tailed. Bob did manage to snooze until around nine. We didn't leave the rig today until mid-afternoon, when we finally managed to get ourselves out among the living.

There was line dancing today, just for fun, no lessons involved. Usually, the dance floor would be packed on fun day. Not today! Only nine of us managed to make it and every one of our butts was draggin'. In fact, the first four songs were on the slow side because none of us had the energy to go any faster.

Today was the day we were supposed to go to Quartzsite. We're not going. The forecast for the weather isn't all that good and Bob decided that if we had to stay indoors he'd rather do that here than out in the desert with no hookups. I agreed! So now the plan is, depending on how HOT it is in April to make a stop there when we leave Quail Run.

After dinner we just kicked back and watched TV.

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