Wednesday, January 9, 2008

1/7/08 Style Comes to Quail Run

This Monday brings another three day work session for us. We arrived at the Oasis where our Activities office is located to see what was on for the day. We knew it was going to be a busy one because we're having a fashion show and luncheon for the ladies in the park who signed up for it.

First order of business was to set up the Carnaval Room with tables and chairs. The men in our group started with this task straight away and the ladies went into the kitchen to do what had to be done there. Lucky for this team, the chicken salad was already made over the weekend so we had a huge salad to make, croissants to slice open, lemon bars (also made over the weekend) to put on plates and get the serving table set up. Olives and pickles had to be put into dishes, salad dressing ladled into bowls, walnuts chopped and lemonade made.

We were all very intent on our jobs and the other Bob from Delaware asked Deann what else needed to be done and she answered with the water bottles needed to be refilled. Bob then said, "Where are your jugs?" Deann cracked up and said, "You know, it's pretty bad when some guy has to ask where your jugs are!" It took us about 5 seconds to realize what she was saying and then we all just ROLLED! That certainly lightened the mood!

By 11:15 we were ready and its a good thing because the first of the 80+ ladies were already arriving. We started serving at 11:30 and shortly after noon lunch was over and the fashion show could start.

A local store, Bon Worth's supplied the clothes and a half dozen ladies from the park were the models. They each had three changes of clothes to model.
After the fashion show was over the guys started taking down the tables and putting the chairs away. Us girls finished up cleaning the kitchen. When we were done we went over to help with the tables and chairs. Just as we were putting the last of the chairs away Deann came in and said she just remembered that the resident's meeting was tomorrow morning and that we had to set up the chairs for that. Every chair we had. We groaned. We had just finished! We set to task and before long they were all back up again.

By 2:00 pm our day was done. Bob and I have been discussing getting a small generator that would enable us to boondock on a limited level. For those of you not in the know....boondocking means parking where there is no electric, water or sewer hookups. We headed to Pep Boys where he knew they were having a sale on just the kind of generator we wanted. Regular price was $699.00 and since they weren't going to carry this particular model any longer they had them on clearance for $299.00 plus a $50.00 mail in rebate. We asked if they gave a military discount which afforded us $29.90 more off the final price. Taking the tax into consideration we'll ended paying less than $250.00 for this seven hundred dollar generator. Not a bad deal, not a bad deal at all.

Evening time brought some puzzle time for me and TV for Bob.

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