Tuesday, January 29, 2008

1/28/08 New Job for Snookie

Today Lee, the White Team team leader, asked me if I would take over as the lead for the remainder of our time here. I told him it would be no problem that I would take the position if he truly didn't want to do it anymore. We'll have to see what I got myself into.

It was a work day for us today and we firmed up a few more plans for the Valentine's Day project that is ours. A list was made of places we'll go to and ask for donations of gift certificates for door prizes. This is something I have lots of experience at so this should go pretty well.

Clear skies today and that is certainly a welcome change from yesterday. I hope that all the rain makes for some beautiful sights in the desert this spring when it is time for it bloom.

I can't believe this is the 28th of January already. Time is just flying by. Just a little over two months to go and we're back on the road again. Bob is spending a lot of time researching on the computer the different campgrounds, routes and sights that we want to see. HE really has hitch itch!

That's about it for today. Oh yeah, we do have a day trip planned for Thursday, wait till you see where we're going! Stay tuned!

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