Wednesday, January 23, 2008

1/17/08 Back to Work

Well, its back to work for us for the next three days. Today we met and firmed up the plans for the menu for the Valentine's Dinner/Dance. That's done. Next I got on the phone to try to find a place to rent helium canisters for blowing up balloons for decorations. Did you know there is a shortage of helium in this country? I didn't until today. Looks like we move on to plan B....if only we had one.

After setting up tables and chairs in the Carnaval Room we spent the afternoon in the 5th wheel just hanging out.

After dinner it was back to work for Bingo. It was our teams turn to make/sell the popcorn, root beer floats and sodas. By 8:15 we were done and went home for the night.

Another pretty uneventful day. It happens.

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