Saturday, January 26, 2008

1/25/08 Mini Golf, Cleaning & Phone Calls

We started a new round of mini golf this morning and our number of golfers has swelled dramatically. We now have to play in two shifts because 62 players are now in the ranks. My new partner, Grant, and I had a decent day shooting a 25 on a 24 par course. It was a scramble game today meaning that we both putted and then got to choose which place we wanted to use for our next putt. We used the place where his ball ended up much more than mine as he always seemed to get closer to that little hole in the ground than I did. Bob had an even better day than I did with his new partner, Marilyn. They ended up with a score of 22. It was actually warm in the sun and it felt good to be outside. We were quite comfortable in jeans and a light sweatshirt.

Late morning was spent doing chores around the house. Dusting, vacuuming, general cleaning. The RV cleaning fairies haven't found our rig yet so we have to do these chores ourselves.

Bob worked on the hitch receiver today, painting it, greasing it and checking the springs to make sure they were in good shape. With the paint job it looks new again.

I spent the afternoon hanging around the house and spent some time online looking for a bargain on a new quilt. The comforter on the bed now is way too heavy (and hot)so I'm in the market for a lightweight quilt.

Our friends, Pam and Lee, called this afternoon to ask us to go to dinner and a movie Saturday so we have that lined up.

During the evening I called some of the ladies I hung out with last year in Florida to catch up on their news and it was wonderful reminiscing about our time together last year. They are all settled in their snowbird parks for the winter now (Florida) but each said it wasn't the same as last year. They haven't found a group of friends like we had last year and each wishes we could all be together again. I do too,,,what a great bunch they were, so many good times we shared, so many laughs.

The weather man says we're in for some rough weather in the next few days, I'm not looking forward to this. The rains that caused mudslides in California are headed our way.

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