Friday, January 25, 2008

1/22/08 Laundry and Mini Golf

Our neighbor, Darlene, and I decided to get a load of laundry out of the way so while the clothes were swishing around in the machine we went to the mini golf course and played a couple of rounds. Believe me, Tiger Woods has no worries about us! Even though it wasn't exactly warm out it was too nice to stay indoors.

We haven't been happy with our Internet connection for awhile now because we keep getting kicked off. Our next door neighbor, LaVon, told me that they weren't happy either and have decided to go with another provider here in the area and that they would be here on Thursday to do the install. I know that quite a few of the winter residents have signed on with this company and I've heard good things so I went inside and called them to see if we could also have an install on the same day. The gentleman said, "Sure, since we're going to be right next door its no problem at all." I explained to him that we have two computers so he suggested that we get a router before Thursday and his man would hook it up for us. Something more to put on my to do list.

Bob played pool this evening while I answered emails and watched "Idol".

When he came home I happened to go outside and was amazed by what I saw. We have a full moon and there was H U G E halo around it! I had never seen anything like it. I went and knocked on Dave and Darlene's door so they could see and they too were amazed saying they had never seen a halo like that before either.. We ran to get our camera's and on the way I got LaVon out and she grabbed her camera too. Unfortunately, our pictures didn't come out. Oh, we got the moon but the halo was so big we couldn't get it in the picture too.

Bob and I are due for another day trip so we have to put our heads together and come up with a place we can share with you.

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