Saturday, January 5, 2008

1/3/08 A Day of Waiting

Today we waited. And waited some more.

Our truck was supposed to be ready for pick up by late morning. At 2:30 I called to find out the status of the truck repair and found out that it was done....and had been done since late morning......but their computers were down and no invoices could be processed. They said it was being worked on and they were hoping that it would be "up" in the next ten to fifteen minutes and I was assured I would be called first.

Since we had several offers of rides to go get it we thought it best to go to the dealership and just wait there so that our nice neighbor wouldn't get caught up in rush hour traffic. With novel in hand I met up with Lee and Pam since they were kind enough to make the offer of a ride. Bob was busy taking down our Christmas lights so I'm making the pick up of our pickup.

After making sure I was at the right place, remember, we didn't bring it in, it was towed, I thanked Pam and Lee and they were on their way back home. The computer system was still down so I settled in to read for awhile. As the clock ticked closer to rush hour I went to the desk and asked them how much longer did they think it was going to be. They didn't have an answer and I told them fine, then let's check me out manually. The young, twenty something guy behind the desk visibly swallowed and looked at me like I'd grown an second head. He didn't have a clue how to get me out of there without a computer! I started to explain to him what he needed to do and then the word came that the computers were back online. To say he was relieved would be an understatement.

In no time at all I was driving down the road with our truck. I stopped at Walmart since I was in the neighborhood and I hadn't been there in 48 hours. I didn't want to have deal with the Walmart withdrawal symptoms that were sure to start at any time.

I had read in the headlines of the local newspaper this morning that oil had hit $100 a barrel the day before and that fuel prices were going to make a dramatic leap upwards. I thought it best to top off the tank with the "cheap" diesel on the way home.

After unloading the few groceries I bought and making dinner, Bob settled in for TV and I made my up to the Cantina for an evening of jigsaw puzzle putting together with the Puzzle Pals.

Its good to have the truck back, we are no longer wheeless!

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