Thursday, January 10, 2008

1/8/07 Power Rings, Line Dancing & Free Concert

We started our day with a resident's meeting. Everyone who resides in this park was invited to this gathering and many of them showed up. The major topic of discussion was security of the park. In the surrounding area there has been a rash of missing items so a Police Officer from the Arizona City Police Force was invited to talk with us. The first thing he told us was that police officers do not eat donuts! They are known as POWER RINGS! It comforts me to know that our local keepers of the peace are not just munching your everyday run of the mill glazed donut!

This young officer was very informative and kept us entertained with his wit. I'm sure we'll all be more attentive to locking up our bikes and making sure the golf clubs are secured.

Since we have many new people in the park all of the workampers were required to attend the meeting so that we could be introduced to all the new people.

When the meeting was over everyone pitched in and put their chair away on the rolling racks where they are kept. This cleared the floor in no time for the line dancing class.

Class over and now it is time to put all the chairs back up for the free concert that will be given tonight sponsored by Beaudry RV. Need I tell you that the White team is tired of these chairs?

Our weather has improved dramatically! We have sunshine again and its creeping closer towards 70 everyday. We're hoping this Arizona winter is over.

This evening brought us a free concert by Tom Chestnut and Rusty Terry. They played a wide variety of music including a tribute to Elvis since his birthday was yesterday. Can you believe that if he had lived he would be 73 now?

They were so good! They had us dancing in the aisles!

....or anywhere there was free space.

There was a whole bunch of us line dancing and a great time was had by all. We were glad to hear this duo was going to be back in March for a pool party.

Once again, the chairs had to be put away but thankfully everyone pitched in and in no time we had them back where they belong.

During the concert Bob played his Tuesday night pool but didn't have a very good night, he didn't have a winning game.

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