Friday, January 25, 2008

1/24/08 New Internet Service

This morning we got our new Internet service provider. After the fellow was done next door he came to us to start the install.

The difference with this company versus the one we had is that we now have our own personal antenna attached to our rig to pick up the signal. The tower we'll use is less than a mile away and the installer assured me that we would always have a strong signal and a good connection.

While here he also hooked up our new router. This will enable Bob and I to use an air card in the laptop when we are on the road and still both be connected to the Internet. In fact, we are only paying for one service now instead of the two accounts with the other company so its saving us money these last few months here in Arizona.

Everything is hooked up and we have great connection and its faster too! This is one move I'm glad we made!

While all this was going on Bob took a nice long ride on his bike.

This afternoon brought another trip to Casa Grande. Bob needed to get some spray paint to paint our trailer hitch receiver since he is doing the needed maintenance on it. While there we also dropped no longer needed clothing off at the Salvation Army, dropped clothes off at the dry cleaners and went to a "real" grocery store for trash bags.

I debated on whether to go to Bingo tonight. Dave and Darlene weren't back from their day trip and I usually sit with them. Since there wasn't anything on TV that was on my must watch list I thought what the heck, it will get me out of the house for awhile. I shoulda stayed home. I didn't win a darn thing, I couldn't even come close tonight.

Back at home we settled in and watched TV the rest of the evening. We'll be so glad when the warmer weather gets here and we start having cookouts and gatherings in the evening time. We both miss our happy hours from last year.

Marv, our friend and next door neighbor in Florida last year, called to let us know that he and Vi took a ride over to Suncoast RV Park. He told us it was less than half full! I guess people read the bad reviews this park was given by last years residents. I've always said the Internet is a powerful tool.

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