Thursday, April 17, 2008

4/13/08 Oh Boy! Are We Ever Tired!

I'd like be able to tell you that Bob and I jumped right of bed this morning, well rested and raring to go. Ahhh, but that is not the case. We were well rested but raring to go is not exactly how I would describe us. There were lots of groans and moans as slowly pulled ourselves out of our slumber. We hurt! We are not used to walking so far, so much in so little time as the last two days provided.

Think about it,,,,we walked north to south, east to west, to and fro, back and forth, here and there, up and down, in and out, first to the left and then to the right,,,whew, I'm tired just thinking about all the walking we did in the last two days.

Since we were now dealing with very sore calf muscles and knees that were screaming for mercy we decided to take our time this morning and make our way leisurely back to El Centro. We came what we wanted to see and if there's anything we missed we'll catch it the next time we're in town. We will be back, we both thoroughly enjoyed San Diego.

So we pick up I-8 and head east. With it being late Sunday morning, traffic is not bad at all and the ride is most enjoyable.

With a fully charged battery pack in the camera I'll now be able to get some highway shots.

The earth sure is bumpy isn't it?


Do you ever wonder who makes up the names of streets and roads? Do they take into consideration a four year old learning his or her address? Do they take into consideration the printing companies that have to get certain street names on a itty-bitty address label? Well, they sure weren't thinking with this one!


We passed a wind mill farm, something we haven't seen since Lubbock, Texas. I wonder if these mills are providing electricity for all the homes in this little valley. There's a lot more windmills here than what the picture shows.


We couldn't help but notice that the mountains here are made out of ROCKs! Tons and tons of rocks!



I'm always anxious to see what's around the next bend.


We finally through/over the mountain and once again were back in the flat desert.


We knew were out of the mountains for sure when we saw this sign.


It wasn't too far past this sign that it happened. We're driving along, minding our own business when all of sudden we saw it, saw it just a nano-second before it hit us, or we hit it, I guess it depends on whose perspective you're looking at this from. BEES! A huge swarm of BEES! Like I said, we're just driving down the road, looking at the scenery, and suddenly there was a huge black cloud directly in front of us. Then SPLAT! Hundreds of bees against our windshield. My first thought was PHOTO OP! Bob's first thought was to find the windshield cleaner control. Tried as I did, he found what he was looking for just a few moments before I could get the camera off my lap and focus. By the time I had focused the camera on it was a big glob of smeared bee guts. Ewwwww! I don't remember if the windows were up or down but we didn't get one single bee inside the truck. Actually, I think we wiped out the whole swarm. Between the windshield and the grill of the truck I don't think there were any survivors.

After that we had a pretty uneventful ride back to the Pearl of the Desert.


I've been meaning to get a picture of this ever since we've been here. The Navy starts them young around here!


We did have a pleasant surprise when we got back to our site. What I believe is oleander is in bloom. These bushes run down both sides of the site and across the back.


So we're home again and glad to be here. It's nice to get away but always better to get home.

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