Saturday, April 5, 2008

4/5/08 A Windy Day

First and foremost birthday wishes go out to our sister-in-law Michelle! May you have many more!!!

We had a windy day here in California. Of course the wind picked up just as Bob finished putting the awning out. He had put it out yesterday also but at 2 o'clock in the morning he was outside taking it back down. It seems the strong winds just come out of nowhere. We do need the awning because of the way our rig is situated in the camp space. We get the sun almost all day on the patio side and its just too hot to sit in the sun, we need the shade if we are to sit out at all.

Here are some pictures of where we're parked. Our site.


Looking down the street.


Looking down the other way. The building at the end is the Recreation/Welfare building. That's where RV'ers go to sign out sports equipment, get answers to questions and find out about planned activities/trips.


Of course the planes were flying today and we ran out to take more pictures. We've got to stop this, how many pictures does one need of a plane flying?


As I mentioned a few days ago, we e-filed our tax returns and we are getting a small refund from the state of Missouri from when we workamped there last summer. So we e-filed on April 2nd and I looked at our bank records today online and what do I see? A deposit on April 3rd from the state of Missouri in the amount we are owed! Is that F A S T or what? We hope the Federal is just as fast. Of course the two combined won't buy a tank of gas at today's prices but its our money and we want it.

We added California to our Visited State Map that we keep on our rig today.


We now have 25 states filled in! We have camped in half the USA!


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