Tuesday, April 22, 2008

4/22/08 Quail Run....We're Baaaaaaack!

We were on the road by eleven this morning and we should have an easy run of it.

Before I get too far into this let me show what held us up from leaving earlier and what cost us nearly $600.00!


See that itty bitty piece of wood sticking out of the tire? That was the culprit!

So we're on our way of the Naval Air Facility where we've been for the past few weeks and we finally see water playground working. I don't see anyone using it but somebody turned it on. I think this would be great fun to play in.


Could this be smog? Here is a picture of the Salton Sea which you can see in the picture below. Just beyond the land and the sea you can barely see the outline of the mountains. These mountains were not all that far from us. It was just so hazy that it made it nearly impossible to see them. We're thinking smog.


We passed a palm tree farm. Now that's something I never thought I'd see!


Another field with more mature palms.


As we got closer to our destination the road took on more of a roller coaster type ride. You can see the three little hills we had to go down in this section and this was one of many.


We made it safely to our home for the next few days.


The view from our street.


Which brings me to the reason for the title of this post. Look at the name of our street!


This is a beautiful resort! Here is the 20,000 sq. ft. Clubhouse which has just about everything you could possibly want.


One of the nine pools this resort has.


I think these little pools with the hot mineral spring water may be included in the count. There are three in the section, all with different temperatures ranging from 85 to 105 degrees.


More of the park.


Wouldn't it be nice to play shuffleboard with this view?


So we're settled in here for the next three night at least. This is a Passport America member resort so instead of paying the off season price of $39.00 per night we're staying here for $19.50. The drawback? No cell phone signal and no WIFI, we have to go to the clubhouse to get WIFI. We were told by next season this will be remedied and it will be available throughout the park.

This park is mostly park models and some of them are just beautiful. The park is a little far out in the boonies for us as the closest grocery store is even further than away than what it was in Quail Run. You would definitely need to shop with a list!


Tom and Sharon said...

OH Snookie, I am disappointed that you didn't make it through Oregon and spend at least a night with us. Maybe next year. Hey, that resort is really cool. Where was it now and what is the name? We have a Passport membership and I would really love to stay there! As you can see by our blog, life is back to pretty much routine but we love it here on the ranch. You are the only one who has posted in the past 6 or so days so not much must be happening with the others either.
Happy Trails,
Sharon and Tom

Wendy and Rick Fury said...

A little far out but OH what views you have!!! It looks very nice. Enjoy,

LaVon Baker said...

Quail Run!! That's weird.

It was great talking to you today. Thanks for calling. Enjoy your 5 free nights at Lake Havisu Resort.