Saturday, April 19, 2008

4/18/08 Naval Air Base Picnic

After a leisurely spent morning we went over to the base picnic that is being held today. For as large as this base is there weren't many people there. I'm thinking that the majority of them got there early, made their presence known and then cut out for the day as it was a day off for everyone.

There were several of those blow up moon bouncing things for the little kids, displays about conservation, it is getting close to Earth Day after all, music that was piped in from somewhere, the large pool which was close by was opened for the day and food.

They had hot dogs, hamburgers, BBQ chicken, potato salad, lettuce, tomatoes and chips. Free beer, sodas and bottled water. We got our fill, talked with a few people we recognized from the RV park and left. There just wasn't a whole lot to do since we didn't know anyone and those that we did recognize were from waving or nodding as rode in and out of the park in the truck.

That was it.

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