Friday, April 4, 2008

4/3/08 Is It YOU?

Haven't had Internet connection for two days, just got to see how close the count is. Is it YOU who turned the corner on the counter. If so, let me know!

Hi Snookie,
I'm #22000. Hopeyour journey out of QR is going smoother than ours - we broke down on I-10 in Benson and got towed to an RV park! I'll be blogging it in the next few days.

Elizabeth Higginbottom :-)

Wow, 22,000 hits! The counter just seems to be turning faster and faster and that makes me happy!

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Peggy & Bill said...

Hey there! Some pretty neat pictures! I don't understand why you take pictures of old folks in RV Repair parking lots! LOL
Well, just wanted to say hi, glad you made it to CA!