Monday, April 28, 2008

4/28/08 In Search of a Campground....

Today we drove down to Parker, Arizona, over to Calfornia and back in search of a real campground. It really isn't all that far, I think we put a hundred miles on the truck in total.

We don't have to be anywhere until the end of May so we went in search of place to spend some time before we head to the Grand Canyon.

We checked out a County Park, a State Park and private campground all on the Colorado River. Prices ranged from $20 to $40 and only the private campground provided full hookups. The County Park did have free cable though. None had WIFI, something important to THIS camper! I did notice that quite a few rigs had satellite dishes for Internet connection and I was hoping we could pick up their signal if they had them open. That does happen sometimes.

Over on the California side we checked out a place that we could stay in for three free nights if we agreed to take the 90 minute tour.

I don't know as yet if we are going to stay in one of them or move further north. It is getting HOT here!

Today the mercury will rise to 97 degrees.

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